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Creating A Homemade Compost Bin

Compost is an excellent addition to your garden.  It helps to break up heavy clay soil and helps sandy soil hold onto nutrients so that plants can thrive and grow. Through the process of decomposition it encourages microorganisms which are beneficial to healthy plant life. As it decomposes it becomes an organic power food for your garden. You can find compost for sale at most of your lawn and garden retailers, as well as your big box stores. But why spend money on this material when it is easy to make as a diy garden project.

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There are many different components of homemade compost bins. These vary from pails in which waste are stored into tumblers that can turn your compost over and keep it mixed without you having to. But all of those are technically accessories. The most important element is the actual compost pile itself.

This will be the home of all of the organic materials that you are going to collect that will eventually benefit your garden. There is a way to build a pile of recycled yard and kitchen waste that will break down and become your soil's mulch, fertilizer and conditioner all without smelling bad.

Choose your location that is convenient to both your garden and your kitchen, but out of the view of your traffic. While you do not need a bin to build a compost pile, it does serve to keep all of your compost contained and looks much neater. This can simply be done by creating an easy corral using stiff wire mesh. There are many other diy plans available on the Internet that will help you to build a handmade bin. You need to consider that you will need room enough to get into your bin and turn it with a pitchfork from time to time.

Homemade compost bins do best when they contain two parts brown yard (dry leaves) debris to one part green (grass clippings and old plants) debris. Ensure that you do not add any meats, oils or dairy products out of your kitchen. Turn your pile weekly moving the inside material to the outside. This will allow your materials to break down faster. Your handmade compost will be ready to use in your garden in approximately two months.

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Best Compost Bin   How To Build A Composter   Compost Bins Homemade   Mushroom Compost Suppliers   Build Your Own Composting Toilet   Make Compost Tumbler   How To Composting   Composting Bins Reviews   Compost Supplier   Metal Compost Bin   What Is Bokashi