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Why Do You Need A Home Made Compost Tumbler?

Unless you've been living under a rock for 20 years, you've no doubt heard about the state of the planet and the massive efforts to reverse the damages done by fossil fuels and many other chemicals that are destroying the balance of our planet's functions.

These things have been causing a greenhouse effect by melting the ice caps in the north and south poles causing a great deal of water to evaporate. The problem is that this is causing methane gas that has been accumulating for hundreds of years trapped under the ice created by plant life that is no longer alive, to escape.

And this gas is causing the ozone layer - the only thing protecting us from the harmful rays of the sun - to deteriorate at an alarming rate. Mix that with the fact that all that melting ice has to go somewhere and is overflowing our oceans and lakes causing even more un-balance.

If ever there was a time when mother earth needs you, it's right now! By doing things to help the planet, you help everyone on it, not just yourself or your family. Small things people can do to help create large effects rippling throughout the world. Take creating your own garden, planting a tree and things of this nature.

The trees and plants in your garden release oxygen into the air and absorb carbon dioxide from the air like a sponge, a conversion process that gives us our oxygen. More oxygen in the air helps to lower the ozone deteriorating gases' influence and resolves part of the problem.  One plant won't do much but millions will do amazing things. However, we each need to do our part, our small part.

If you do start a garden or plant a tree, you will want to make sure it thrives from the get go. You will need to make sure your soil is nutrient rich and healthy. You do that by taking care of it, watering it, and providing it with 'soil food' in the form of processed compost.

Compost is the multi-vitamin of soil and it's very easy to make and use. No need to spend money on expensive lawn food when you can simply recycle your bio-waste, food and biological pieces you don't eat (potato pills, banana peels, any peels, broccoli stumps and so on), and even things in your garden that you can't eat can be thrown back into the compost bin.

You can make a compost tumbler at home pretty easily. You just need some form of cylinder like a metal barrel you can find at most hardware stores. You'll need to make sure the barrel has lots of air circulation holes in it and a door (where you put the bio-matter). You want to have a way to turn the barrel to keep its contents optimally processing.

You can roll this barrel on the ground or create a contraption to put it on that would allow you to spin the barrel on it (like a pig roast hoist). You can read up on the many types of compost blends you can use to create you perfect compost blend.

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Importance Of Recycling

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