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The Advantages Of A Metal Compost Bin

When you decide to start a compost pile or to create your own metal compost bin, there are a few things you will need to learn before you can get to the easy part. You can build your own bin or you can purchase one online and in various stores like Home Depot.

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If you want to build your own, then you'll need a few things. The metal compost bin starts out as a metal drum usually used to store oil, dirt, and other corrosive ingredients. You should get a new one that is unused just to be sure nothing that was stored in it before is going to contaminate your compost. Toxins can get in there and destroy the microbes that do all the actual composting leg work - you don't want that.

You should make sure that the metal compost bin doesn't have paint or anything toxic to food in the inside of it. Some bins for some reason are painted often with a form of Teflon likely to prevent corrosion of the container. This is fine when storing things that aren't affected easily like oil, but a compost heap is a living eco-system that can very easily be affected and infected. This could corrode and even poison your compost and anything you put it in.

You're going to need to poke a great many holes in the entire surface area (sides) of the bin to allow for air flow circulation. The bin will be turned to help mix it up and give the microbes opportune access to the organic matter. You will want to make sure you can cut a door into the side of the unit for putting the bio-matter into.

It needs to be secured when closed so it doesn't come open and pour out your compost. This door will also help you get the compost out when it's finished. Compost rendering in this manner speeds up what nature does already in a much slower fashion. You can have a decent compost heap in as little as 6 months. You want to make sure your container is at least a yard squared (3x3x3) in size to allow proper heating up of the compost.

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Worm Composting - Those Wigglies Eat Your Garbage

By Macky Kyle
Worm composting - I am sure you have heard of it, but what the heck is it? Worm composting is a wonderfully efficient way to convert kitchen scraps and other organic materials, cardboard and junk mail into nutrient-rich compost for your garden. Did you know that these wiggly composters can eat their body weight in garbage in a day? That's a lot of composting going on.

Information on Kitchen Composters

By Alvaro Buckley
Kitchen composting is an environment friendly task. The first step and the most important step involved in kitchen composting is to acquire an appropriate vessel to store your compost. The vessel should be less than 3 feet by three feet.

Make Your Own Homemade Worm Bin

By James W Shaw
Worm bins can be simply purchased or can be built manually. Yes, you can definitely make a diy worm compost bin. You'll also be able to find that worm composters can come in different sizes, capacities, shapes, material, and designs; and you can instantly make a homemade worm bin (or more) that's in line with your preferences.

Benefits of Making Compost For Your Garden

By Amit Kishore Verma
The usual plant problems and the pest problems that we encounter everyday are only because of the fact that these plants are sick. Compost can be made easily by using the organic matter like leaves, grass clippings and the other yard wastes.

Why Should I Compost?

By Ryan Korbian
Benefits of Composting, An increasing amount of people are becoming environmentally aware of the effects that chemical fertilizers are having on our environment. Not only can they leave a build up of heavy metals such as cadmium and lead in the soil, they can kill the natural micro organisms that help make your soil fertile and leave you relying on chemical based compounds forever more. Also the run off from soil that has been treated with chemical fertilizers is extremely toxic and it can pollute waterways causing a detrimental effect to the environment.

Best Compost Bin   How To Build A Composter   Compost Bins Homemade   Mushroom Compost Suppliers   Build Your Own Composting Toilet   Make Compost Tumbler   How To Composting   Composting Bins Reviews   Compost Supplier   Metal Compost Bin   What Is Bokashi