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Working With A Compost Supplier

There are several pros and cons of buying compost through a compost supplier or manufacturer vs. making your own homemade compost. Some of the pros include the amount of compost that is always available to the buyer, importer or wholesaler, while some of the cons include the quality of the compost materials that the compost contains. If you choose to buy compost, you need to know what types of ingredients you will be introducing to your garden.

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For example there is much controversy about using spent mushroom compost. This is a compost that is made by recycling the soil that has been used to grow mushrooms on mushroom farms. Some people feel that it should never be used around edibles in the garden due to the possibility of it containing pesticides. While others feel that the correct use and processing of it will allow for it to be used around any types of plants, edibles or otherwise.

The advantages of spent mushroom compost are that it is easy to buy from a manufacturer or distributor, it is readily available, weed free, and is a great source of organic matter. It has great water holding abilities, is produced by recycling, which makes it inexpensive when compared to other products. It is also great to build up clay or sandy based soils.

Some of the disadvantages that cause the controversy is that it is typically not cured, it has been pasteurized or sterilized which has killed off the microbial life and it has a high salt content. For these reasons the recommendation is that it not be used immediately upon delivery or steps be taken before it is used.

It really does not matter whether you choose to purchase your compost from an importer, manufacturer or distributor. The most important thing to know is what is in the compost that you are purchasing. You want to ensure that if it is turf based or has a high bark content that it has been properly processed. This will prevent you from having problems in your garden in the future. The best bet is to create a homemade compost that will allow you to control what is added to your soil.

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Compost Bin Plans

By Donald Wilson
If you want a healthy garden, then you need to add compost to your soil. The compost adds rich nutrients that your plants need in order to thrive. Making compost is a very simple task. To get started very cheaply and easily, I recommend using these compost bin plans to make a bin that will contain your compost.

How to Compost - Three Easy Steps to Good Composting

By Macky Kyle
It is estimated that the average person throws away around 4 pounds of garbage per day. Around 75 percent of that garbage is comprised of organic matter, which means it is compostable. Isn't it time we started doing our part to reduce the amount of garbage ending up in landfills and learned how to compost?

Do You Need a Worm Composting Bin?

By Steven Sherin
Would you like to be able to make compost year round? Do you live in an apartment but still want to create your own rich natural plant food and recycle your kitchen scraps? If so read on and discover why you need a worm composting bin and the many advantages they offer.

Organic Biological Farming of Blueberry Plants

By Harold Stewart
Growing blueberry plants organically. Blueberries are well-suited to organic culture, and good markets exist for organically grown blueberries. One of the most important components of a good organic program is aerated compost tea. To return the soil to good health is the means to growing healthy flavorful blueberries.

Successful Composting Tips - Avoiding a Smelly Pile of Rotting Garbage

By Lisa Thomson
Composting is a healthier, more environmentally friendly way to fertilize your garden. Avoid harsh chemicals that are bad for you and the planet by starting your own compost pile. It's easier than you think!

Best Compost Bin   How To Build A Composter   Compost Bins Homemade   Mushroom Compost Suppliers   Build Your Own Composting Toilet   Make Compost Tumbler   How To Composting   Composting Bins Reviews   Compost Supplier   Metal Compost Bin   What Is Bokashi